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Share to Save

Use and throw Styrofoam(thermocol) or plastic plates are a huge burden on the environment. These plates have left-over food(waste) in them, are difficult to handle and not recycled as they are not clean. These usually end up in the landfills or oceans or are burnt. Let us pledge to not use these and only use reusable serving material. To help with your resolve, steel plates, bowls and glasses are available for small parties (up to 20 people).

  • Collect serving material.

  • Use it. Clean it. Return with 24 hours.

  • No charges, no other condition apply!

Earth friendly Share to Save Initiative

  • No throw away – Choose reusable serving material for gatherings.

  • Don’t need it? Don’t buy it! – Do not buy stuff you do not need frequently – rent or share it.

  • Collaborate to share tools and resources with communities(societies, friends) and drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Similar to a library but this library stores stuff like tools, serving material for parties etc.

  • Sharing is a pretty old human tradition. Let’s revive it.

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