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Whats On Your Plate

Over the last few decades, the food we eat may not have changed much in how it appears, but a lot has changed in what our food constitutes and how it is farmed:


  • Genetically modified vegetables, fruits and grains have entered the market.

  • Below practices are routinely followed for higher yields in farming now a days:

    • Choosing high yield varieties even if it means having lower nutritional value.

    • Using chemical fertilizers for want of higher yield

    • Spraying of toxic pesticides (often in higher than prescribed quantities) so as to minimize risk of infestation. These toxins sprayed on fruits and vegetables are not just present on the outermost layer but are absorbed by the vegetables and hence cannot be “simply cleaned away”.

  • The toxins sprayed on food are not just a hazard for you but also to the community that grows such food. This is because the toxins often enter the water streams of potable water used by the farmers resulting in life-threatening ailments affecting entire communities.


Why should you  go for farm produced that is naturally grown organic food:

  • Nutritional value is not compromised for the sake of high yields. For the same unit of weight or volume, produce from natural farming is much higher in nutritional value than that from regular chemical farming.

  • Free from toxins such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This is the single biggest benefit to consumers of naturally grown produce as toxic chemicals are known to cause deadly illnesses.

Take a look at the following videos to learn about the dangerous consequences of how our food is being altered.


Whats your food story?

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